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Increase your pushups quickly with these seven pointers.


To build bigger and stronger pecs, there are only one bodyweight exercise you can do—pushups—and they grow monotonous after a few repetitions. What’s the point of doing pushups? Exercises like these are appealing because of their familiarity (everyone is familiar with them) and the fact that they measure both physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Pushups are the best exercise for adapting to any situation. It doesn’t matter where you are. Without any equipment, you can still do it. More than half of the upper body’s muscles are activated, as well as a significant portion of the cor when perform correctly. In addition, they aren’t dangerous. They are, in fact, a gauge of general health.

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However, hold on a second… Different pushup variations target the chest (and the triceps and deltoids) in different ways, but all of them work the same muscles. As long as you do them correctly, you’ll get the most out of your body-weight-pushing routines, which will help you gain muscle and strength.

In this fitness guide, we will discuss how you can utilize these seven variations of push-ups

Push-up with elevated feet

When you want to draw attention to your pecs, namely the ones on top. Do feet-elevated pushups before conventional pushups if this is an area of weakness for you. Do: Three sets of 12-15.

Here’s how to do it:

Put your hands right below your shoulders and your feet up on a bench or box behind you in a pushup position.

In order to keep your hips from sinking, bend your elbows as you lower yourself to the floor.

Keep your forearms at a 45-degree angle or less to your torso, and avoid pointing your elbows out to the sides.

Go all the way down until your face or forehead is almost touching the ground, then press back up.

Forearm Push-Ups:

It’s best done toward the end of an upper-body workout, when the triceps are primed for growth. You might think of this as a sort of isolation arm exercise rather than a chest-building move. Get through at least two sets of 10-12 repetitions.

What to do:

Pushups should be performed with your hands a few inches forward of your shoulders, directly below your face.

Your forearms should touch the floor with your elbows pointing behind you and tucked into your sides.

Your arms should be fully extended when your elbows touch the ground.

Push-up with Just One Arm:

Beginner’s luck with the chest workout Attempt this as your first significant strength motion, even though your reps will likely be low. Count: 2 x 5

It’s explained here:

For stability, extend your feet wide in front of you and raise one hand off the ground while maintaining a regular pushup position. Keep it in your back pocket while moving.

In a slow, deliberate manner, lower yourself to the ground.

There is a possibility that you will be unable to lie on your back and get back up without assistance.

There is no better way to express this sentiment than to (You can also place one arm on stacked plates and the other on the floor, as shown on the opening spread, to build up to this move.)

Push yourself back up to full arm extension after going as low as you can.

Do all the reps on one arm, then switch to the other.

Push-ups with a clap:

In the beginning of your exercise. First and foremost, explosive workouts should be performed, regardless of the weight of the movement. Go through the following: two sets of five.

It’s explained here:

When doing pushups, make sure your hands are not wider than shoulder width apart on the floor.

In a slow, deliberate manner, lower yourself to the ground.

To complete the rep, immediately return to a full press-up position with your hands off the floor.

In mid-air, slam your hands together and catch yourself with your elbows slightly bent and your hands on the floor.

Relax, then repeat for a set number of times.

Push-up with a Crucifix

Consider crucifixes as an isolation flye exercise for the end of your workout. Do two sets of 15-20

What to do:

Spread your hands wide on the floor with your fingers pointed out to the sides in a conventional pushup position.

Even with your arms extended, your chest will be near to the floor in the starting position.

After lowering to the floor, press back up to full arm extension with your elbows flexed.

If you were to do regular pushups, you’d have a lot greater range of motion.

Do an incline push-up

What to do:

Position your hands with your arms outstretched on top of an elevated support.

Your hands should be a bit more than shoulder-width apart when you stand on your tiptoes.

Contract your abdominals and glutes while attempting to place your pectorals on the bench. While inhaling, squeeze your abs.

Arm and Leg Reach Pushup

The final stages of a chest or upper-body workout, or the final stages of a separate, core-focused exercise routine. 2 sets of 5 each side, as follows:

What to do:

Start in a pushup position and keep your core firm throughout the exercise.

Start with a pushup and lift one hand and the opposing foot slowly until they are in line with your chest at the top.

Hold for a count, then lower your hand and foot.

Repetition with the other hand and foot is required.

That completes one repetition.

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