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The scope of fitness misunderstood


There are a lot of meanings and thoughts writers have written, and orators have spoken out on the scope of fitness. Although am not here as a judge, I write to broadcast my thoughts which I believe is not a misrepresentation of the scope of fitness.

MEANING/ DEFINITIONS: Generally, to say someone or something is “fit” is to mean something is in a good shape or something appears physically well. We want to look specifically at the fitness of humans.

With humans, fitness has been considered as a condition or a quality of being eligible, suitable or perhaps having that ability both physically and healthily to fulfil a particular role or task being it aspects of sports, occupation, and other daily activities.

Though the scope of fitness cannot hold its complete form without talking about the physical stature (body composition) anyone who’s deemed ‘fit’ must build.
No man can be considered completely fit by relegating factors such as Mental Acuity, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, Muscular Endurance. Less of one aspect of these makes one less to claim full fitness.

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Mental Acuity could also be regarded as the sharpness of the mind. The whole idea of mental acuity consists of the health of the human memory how best it is in focusing and comprehending.

Although genetic and environmental factors come to play in developing the mental sharpness of a man, however, good dieting and frequent exercising are indisputable factors that enhance the health of the human brain.


This is the measure of the stamina or persistence of one’s heart and lungs when working or exercising for some time. This is the measure of the effectiveness of one’s cardiorespiratory system.

The level of one’s cardiorespiratory endurance is an indication of the fitness of an individual.
The shorter the period you get tired when engaged in active work or exercise, signifies less fitness and vice versa, the longer the period it takes to get tired when involved in any activity shows one is healthy and fit as far as cardiorespiratory health is concerned.
In whatever case, good dieting and constant exercising help in improving cardiorespiratory health.


I have seen people describe young men and women who can bend specific parts of the joints as flexible. However, the idea of flexibility is more than just bending one’s joints and other parts of their body Flexibility is the ability to move one’s muscles easily and faster.

It is when muscles are stretched freely without complications. Any anomaly in the course of turning or moving of one’s muscles or joints suggests the compactivity of one’s muscle and may need stretching exercises to help the person in question to improve his or her muscular flexibility.

This is the quality of being evenly distributed in weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
This deals with perfect stability in health, physical stature, activeness, and emotion wise. With the knowledge of this, it is seen not all big – broad-chested people are therefore considered fit.

Balance can also be developed by constant and vigorous exercising while taking caution on your diet intake.


Many indigenous have misrepresented fitness only by the physical stature of the human body. They make judgments without considering anything but muscular composition.

Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to persist in overcoming a force within a period

The muscles contract to hold up a retaliation again an external force.
The period when the muscle or group of muscles can hold against a force shows the level of endurance of the muscle in question.


One cannot claim fitness without qualifying in all the constituents of the scope of fitness being; mental acuity, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, balance, and muscular endurance.

A less of one aspect makes one less of being fully fit. It is also obvious that vigorous and repetitive exercising and good dieting are pertinent in improving and maintaining fitness in humans.

It is therefore advisable that continuous and persistent exercising and dieting is adopted by all men of all walks of life to bring about productive results.

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