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Supercharge Your Day With a Simple Morning Exercise Routine


One of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself is to develop and maintain a morning routine. This is because not only will you be able to start your day in a positive mood, but also because it will help you get more done. Not sure where to start? Here are some simple daily rituals that can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Waking up and starting your day with an exercise routine is one of the best things you can do for your health. It’s always a good idea to start the day by exercising because it boosts metabolism, helps you sleep, and promotes healthy habits. The right exercise will make you happier and healthier.

4-Morning Exercise Routines That Aren’t Hard To Do

1) Stretching For Five Minutes

A morning stretch is a great way to awaken your body and kick-start your day. It helps to get those blood vessels pumping and to boost energy levels. It’s also a great way to undo any tightness and stiffness that may have built up overnight. There are a lot of stretches you can split for five minutes in the morning, so schedule your time wisely!

2) Doing Planks For Five Minutes

A morning plank is a full-body exercise that engages the entire core. If done correctly, it can increase muscle work and help strengthen the core muscles. This will help improve balance and stability, as well as prevent lower back pain. Planks are easy to do. It can be done on your bed or against a wall.

How to do a plank: Start in a push-up position with the forearms on the floor and the feet together, shoulder-width apart. The toes point towards the wall for a medium plank position. Push up so that your weight is resting on your forearms and toes, keeping your body straight from head to toe when you are stable, and hold for 30 seconds. Lower slowly and repeat.

Workout tip: You can also move your hands forward and back to increase the intensity of the workout.

3) Leg Raises

Many people think that leg raisers are hard, but they’re not. With the help of your pillow, you can lift something with your legs and bring it down while still sleeping on your back. Engage your core when doing leg raises.

Note: You should not do leg raises with a pillow beneath your knees. This is not part of proper form when doing a leg raise.

4) Walking for 15 minutes: I call this the lazy workout.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why to bother walking for just 15 minutes when I could spend the same amount of time and do something more intense?” The answer is it’s better to do something than nothing at all.

And honestly, if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning to dedicate to working out. Walking is the perfect way to get your heart rate up early on in the day.

5) Skipping Rope For Five minutes

Skip rope for 10 minutes in the morning and you will be jumping for joy. I’m not too old to use my ten minutes in the morning to remember the good old days.

Ways a Good Morning Routine Will Make You Happier and Healthier

1) boost your metabolism

2) Heart rate revved, good for physical activity

3)feel energized

4) Speed up your brain functions

5) Boosts energy, alertness and focus

6) Improve mood and make you more productive

Steps to start a morning routine

Steps To Have Your Morning Routine

1) Plan an exercise routine. The most important part of any exercise routine is to keep it simple. This is the most effective way to stay on track because it’s not easy for you to make excuses for the simple exercises.

Motivating yourself to exercise can be difficult. Sometimes it’s just too cold or you don’t want to go outside or you just don’t feel like it. This is when the idea of getting down the road on foot to rip some fats or get on your bicycle instead can come in handy.

When you don’t want to go out, you have the option of planning to have some 15-20 simple at-home workouts For example five minutes of stretching-two sets of two minutes planks-two sets of till-failure leg raises-two sets of squats.

2: Put on your workout gear and be ready for action.

3: Keep a colourful playlist playing to help get you in the right mood.

Bottom line

With the busy and stressful lives we lead, it can be challenging to find time to exercise. And since even a few minutes of exercise is beneficial for our health, there should be no excuse not to do it. So here are some tips to help you get started – get your plan in place or request one from me.

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